Brainstorms 1/26/2017

Ferrin Cox

Thursday, Jan 26,2017

The Atlanta Falcons beat the Green Bay Packers. What is happening to this world. Having lived through the days when the Packers were led to the winner’s circle time and time again during the nine years of legendary Coach Vince Lombardi we are surprised. Vince is probably looking down from heaven today with his legendary saying, “What the hell’s going on out there?” Of course Falcon fans will explain that they won because they were the best. We were not watching the game so our answer is “OK”.

The Elba area has experienced a rash of stolen vehicles in recent weeks. We know of three incidents of a vehicle being stolen and later found abandoned. Our simple mind believes this is joy riders thinking they are having some harmless fun. The truth is that if they get caught, it is prison time, and not harmless fun. On the flip side, each of the three we noted above were easy picking because for various reasons the ignition keys had been left in the vehicles! Three owners were lucky and had no damage and not a whole lot of miles put on the engine and tires, but the next one might never see his/her vehicle or find it wrecked. That is leading up to that age-old advice of “Don’t leave your ignition keys in the vehicle. Put them in your pocket.”

It was amazing during the stormy weather of the past weekend to watch the radar as storm front after storm front moved in from the West (or maybe a bit to the Southwest) and would split or just go above or below Elba. We have had our share of severe weather and know the pain so would never gloat when someone else is having the same experience. However it is nice to wake up in the morning to find everything around you still intact!

The local tornado siren did sound off in Elba one time during the weekend. Wanting to know the details we checked a news site that normally has up-to-date details from the national weather service. Well as the local siren was ending its howl, we were reading a bulletin from the weather folks canceling the alert! To us that indicates that someone up or down the chain needs to speed up their passing on of weather alerts. Had that been a sure enough tornado bearing down on Elba, it could be too late to help any of us when alerts are not as timely as possible . . . like instantly.