Brainstorms 2/2/2017

Ferrin Cox

Thursday, Feb 02,2017

President Trump is probably doing things that need doing, for sure he is following through with promises made during the presidential campaign. However it appears his actions are coming across like a bull tearing up a china shop. His executive order last weekend dealing with immigrants really got things rolling, from the Washington establishment to the far reaches of the world. It is amazing watching the reaction of American citizens who are either opposed to any immigrants or voice concern over violence prone militants and how worked up they get discussing it. Then when the President takes action, however crude it might have been, many of these same folks start to cry foul. We have come to believe that the reason it is so easy to get crowds marching for (or against) something is that too many people don’t have enough constructive projects (old fashioned work, church work or helping a neighbor that is sick) to keep them busy. Whatever the issue, there is a certain segment of society ready to protest.

An issue that continues to puzzle us is the reoccurring complaints of not enough ““help from the government”. People will scream that the government doesn’t give them enough money to live, but can afford to crawl on a bus or airplane and go march in D. C. at the drop of a pin.