Brainstorms 2/16/2017

Ferrin Cox

Thursday, Feb 16,2017

There is a push on to make the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington D. C. inclusive of all fallen law officers. We did a quick check Monday morning and Sheriff Neil Grantham’s name is already on the memorial, and it was something we didn’t know, or maybe didn’t remember. Apparently the people behind the project are very dedicated to honoring all the officers who died in the line of duty, even screening old newspaper articles for names, etc. We urge each of our readers to stop by the next time they are in D. C. and pay proper respects to those listed on the memorial.

“Don’t want to get her roses, get her a rifle” is a quote we lifted from an internet site that offers tips to journalists of feature stories to write. We are not going to go that route – not in this life! Now after all these years of marriage we have been forgiven for millions of things we forgot or did wrong. However buying Heddy a gun might trigger thoughts of using it – on the giver! For sure it would be something that would never be forgiven. We were a gun owner from way back and our sons each had rifles from their teen years but never once has their mother expressed a desire to shoot one of them or be around when anyone else was popping targets. Some 55 or 60 years ago a younger sister wanted to “shoot that gun” referring to a 45 caliber revolver we picked up while in the military. After all the cautions about gripping it tightly to keep the kick from destroying her hand, she pulled the trigger. She did it once but never wanted to even touch it again. That 98-pound college student originally thought we were teasing her about the kick that old Army pistol from 1911 produced. After one pull of the trigger she became a believer. 

Last week Governor Robert Bentley named Attorney General Luther Strange to replace Jeff Sessions in the U. S. Senate. An appointment of someone was anticipated as soon as President Trump nominated Sessions as the new Attorney General. Immediately we began trying to guess how long it would be before someone cried foul because they remembered Strange asking the legislature to halt an investigation into Bentley and the possible misuse of public funds ‘because of something he was working on”. It didn’t take long for someone to publically question if the thing he was working on was AG business or getting the nomination to the Senate.