Brainstorms 3/2/2017

Ferrin Cox

Wednesday, Mar 01,2017

First Lady Melania Trump reading the Lord’s Prayer at a Florida rally. Now that is really something for folks to complain about. There are lots of pressing problems in this world that should take precedence over questioning her ability and/or sincerity while reading God’s words. Nor are we concerned that not everyone in the world is Christian and might be offended. Others can sit quietly while she is reading or go for a walk. Not everyone likes ice cream, but we are still going to eat it. We are also going to practice our Christianity without apologies to anyone but with respect to everyone.

37% of those in a recent poll still feel they can trust Donald Trump to tell the truth more than they trust the news media. 52 percent trusted the media more on important issues. Democrats put their trust in the news in the media while 78 percent of Republicans trusted Trump more. Then a FOX NEWS poll recently showed respondents roughly evenly divided on the trust issue. Nobody is perfect responded one of those interviewed. “If you don’t read the paper, you’re uninformed. If you do, you’re misinformed,” chuckled another man. So many Americans feel overwhelmed with the political “news’ they are getting today and are tuning out completely was the conclusion of a couple of polls.

Alice Rainer, of Opp, died this week. Alice and twin sister Clarice had a very successful career touring the world with their superb piano performances, earning rave reviews wherever they performed. On a personal side they were a joy to talk with, in person or via telephone. Note we wrote “THEY were a joy” because if you were talking with one, you were talking with both. On the telephone there were times when many of us would have to say “slow down, slow down, I can’t answer both of you at the same time.” They each would come out with their classic burst of laughter and keep right on talking – sometimes with one starting the sentence and the other finishing. Other times their excitement was so great that you would be hearing a delightful double dose of “Rainer Twins”. Hopefully twin Clarice will continue spreading that “Rainer Twins” joy to all she meets.