Brainstorms 3/9/2017

Ferrin Cox

Thursday, Mar 09,2017

President Donald Trump has made a practice of trashing the news media, both during the presidential campaign and since taking office. Of course those of us in the industry bristle at the slaps that are unfounded, just because they are critical of the president himself. However those national news media folks should be sending him donations because circulation numbers are experiencing a bump up as new subscriptions starts pour in. Apparently this is in both the digital and traditional hard copy newspapers. Of course this should be no surprise as Trump himself profited by stories constantly in the news, regardless of them being positive or negative. He rode that horse all the way to the White House.

Reports this week are that consumer spending is the highest since 2008. That means we are buying more clothes, food, furniture and automobiles than we have for the past nine years. It would be interesting to know if this is a nationwide trend or if it is sectional. More pointedly the question is, “Are we experiencing the same spending high right here in South Alabama?” The usual pattern on these economic ups and downs is that in the branch heads of South Alabama the economy drops later (and slower) but it also bounces back slower. Hopefully this year will break the mold on that traditional trend.
Well they have done it again. WikiLeaks has hacked the CIA for thousands of classified documents, more particularly from their Center for Cyber Intelligence. This again points out there is clearly no such thing as a “secure” internet connection. We have personal experience with a government website that is visited regularly and has a “three wrong tries and you are locked out” but someone showed us a way around this hard fast password rule, so – “Why have it?” The CIA, FBI and other groups normally considered to be the elite in cyber security are continually getting embarrassed by someone, or some group, finding a back door unlocked and harvesting tons of information that was not supposed to be made public. Of course it is not just the US that is experiencing these hacks. Probably you can read these recently classified documents and find evidence that America is successfully snooping around in the secret computer files of other countries.

Hopefully each of our readers will remember to reset the alarm clock Saturday night and not miss church Sunday morning. We again utter our regular complaint about Daylight Savings Time . . . . . “We don’t care which way the clocks are set but wish they would stay one way or the other.” It is the changing back and forth that messes up our sleep pattern and confuses our old brain.