Brainstorms 3/23/2017

Ferrin Cox

Thursday, Mar 23,2017

Trump’s 2005 tax returns – We don’t really care a flip about his returns – your tax returns, nor your neighbors. However while others are trying to decide how a couple of TV reporters managed to get a copy of the returns . . . we suggest you consider that Trump himself may have “leaked” the returns. Remember this was 2005 returns . . . this is 2017. There are a bushel of reasons he might have taken that action. First there continues to be lots of pressure from a certain segment of the population for the release of Trump’s tax returns. Secondly, if he released these old ones the pressure might ease a bit. Third, these might be his most favorable returns, both in income and in taxes paid. The list goes on and on, but there are gillions of things that should get more attention, both from our president (that y’all elected) and from each of us.

Wayne Grant was honored recently in Montgomery for his exceptional career in coaching high school football. This Coffee County native is another star on the monument of Coffee County “done good” natives.

Former State Senator Crum Foshee died last week. Lots of folks could get really mad with Crum when they wanted something badly from the legislature and Crum would keep saying “NO”. The voter’s problem was that they asked for the senator’s support AFTER someone else had asked for and received his verbal backing. Whatever faults anyone can recall from his 18 years in the Alabama Senate, one thing a person could be sure of - if you left his office, or from a discussion held on a stack of fertilizer sacks or bag of cow feed in his Red Level store – was that whatever he said he was going to do, vote, etc., the ultimate records would show that he did just that. We can never have too many people at any level of society with that character trait.

There is a legal notice running in The Elba Clipper setting the election date for electing someone to the U. S. Senate vacated by Jeff Sessions becoming the U. S. Attorney General. A number of people are upset with Governor Bentley not holding the election sooner than the 2018 date in the notice. The argument for an immediate election has merit, but much can be said for Bentley combining the voting with a regular election cycle. However there is also a lawsuit making its way through the system challenging the governor’s decision. The first court hearing will be in April, in a Montgomery courtroom. Even if the lawsuit is successful, it will make little difference. The series of court doings, ultimate appeals, etc., will at best only step up the election a few months (and a few million dollars of expense).