Brainstorms 3/30/2017

Ferrin Cox

Wednesday, Mar 29,2017

We had a sudden surge of wishing we were young and adventurous several days ago when reading of an editor’s job opening in Tombstone, Arizona. The Tombstone Epitaph newspaper has published since 1880 and covered Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday and the Gunfight at the O. K. Corral; the Chinese restaurant owner who called Wyatt Earp a “friend”; stories of the man who arrested Doc Holliday; stories from people who knew the Indian chiefs - Cochise and Geronimo; tidbits about others of those buried in Boothill; and John Philip Clum who wore many hats, including publisher, postmaster, mayor, Indian agent (the only man to arrest Geronimo), etc., at times wearing three or more of those titles at once. All that history of the Old West right there in that one old building and some brave soul is going to get the honor of caretaker and at the same time continue writing the history of Tombstone society. Alas, we didn’t apply for the position. Advancing age, comfortable life and family all probably played a part in laughing at the thought. . . . even if we had been qualified.

The gun permit requirement law is under attack in the Alabama legislature. Cost of permits is the announced reason for the proposed revoking of the existing law, but the possibility of total repeal has excited gun purists statewide. We do no support total repeal of this requirement. It is not perfect but does help keep some guns off the street. However, we acknowledge that sheriff departments have come to like the money they get from issuing the permits and the cost has slowly risen over the years. Therefore we propose that the fee for issuing these permits be set by state law for all counties at something lower that the existing fees that vary county by county. That will give both sides a “win” and retain some semblance of control of who can legally carry a concealed weapon. The sheriffs will not like cutting their money, the gun purists will not like the legal requirement for a permit, but both sides can live with the compromise. Plus the complaint of sheriffs “overcharging” for the permits will be neutralized. It is one of those win-win deals.

The U. S. Congress could adapt the above suggestion and make some apparently much needed improvements in Obamacare. That is if the six or eight major factions in Congress could swallow their pride long enough to work for the betterment of America without worrying about who gets the credit- be it Obama, Democrats, Republicans  or . . . .  “The Donald”.