Brainstorms 4/6/2017

Ferrin Cox

Thursday, Apr 06,2017

The Governor Bentley impeachment possibility talk continues, even without the actual investigative report being officially released. We say officially because it appears that a number of Montgomery political officials know more than what has been told to the public. Of course in this old world of ours, it is not unusual for a rumor to be repeated a couple of times and suddenly be quoted as the gospel. We do strongly agree with a couple of lawmakers who have noted that it should take more than having a girlfriend on the side to invoke impeachment proceedings. We might add that it is highly probable that setting such standards of conduct grounds for impeachment would leave more than one public office vacant! That sentence triggered a story from long, long ago . . . We recall this story about former governor, the late Jim Folsom. We vaguely remember a few of the details in a The Birmingham News (or maybe the Birmingham Post Herald) story about someone claiming that the Governor had been caught in a Birmingham hotel with a certain beautiful blonde that was not his wife. We didn’t hear this directly but many story-tellers noting that the Governor did not deny nor confirm the report but said, “If they bait the trap with a beautiful blonde they will catch ‘ole Jim every time.”

We still don’t expect Bentley to actually be impeached and kicked out of office. Several facts formed that opinion early on in the discussion. One is having a girlfriend is not an impeachable offense – embarrassing for his family and the State of Alabama, but not enough to kick him out of office; Two, there is only about a year and half left on this final term for the Governor, which is probably the strongest issue because legislators can trip and fall a couple of times and Bentley’s lawyers will be on it like the white on rice – thus confusing and/or delaying action or a decision of any kind until it becomes a moot issue. Now there may be some ethics violations that we don’t know about, but again proof and severity will play a part with these also.

It is hard to believe that this is the Easter season already! It is amazing how fast time is passing. Most of us can retrieve some memories of the grinding eons of waiting for Christmas to arrive. Then another eon before school was out for the summer. The professionals explain this extreme difference in time perception as our brains retain things that happen to us and around us. After several years of repeating basically the same thing over and over, our thinkers gloss over them – thus making it seem that time is moving faster. Now if you fully understand and/or accept the above theory, you will have a good explanation for “time flying”.