Brainstorms 4/20/2017

Ferrin Cox

Thursday, Apr 20,2017

Unlicensed concealed carry of firearms is a hot topic in the Alabama Legislature. Many proponents predict it will pass the legislature and be presented to the Governor for approval. Law enforcement folks have expressed their disapproval of this bill and we are fill agreement with them. There is enough killing going on every day with the existing laws. Only our imagination can predict how much worse it will be when anyone can legally poke a small handgun underneath clothing and use it on the spur of the moment just because something happened they did not like.


The proposed increase in the gasoline tax to pay for much needed highway road and bridge work around Alabama got a lot of hype for several weeks, with county officials being joined by related industry associations promoting the tax. We thought there was a couple of big flaws in the bill and the hype but didn’t speak out while trying to listen and learn more. Our gut feelings turned out to be largely true. The bond money would not do all the work that was promised. Also the plan divided the funds between state and county governing bodies but financial help for the cities of Alabama was silent. Expect to see a revised version of this proposal  to show up in a couple of years, maybe even next year, even with it being an election year (or maybe because it is an election year).


Former governor Don Siegelman is out of prison but still under strict supervision by prison officials, with limited things he can do. Now this week a federal judge ordered U. S. Justice Department to turn over to her the results of their “secret internal investigation of government misconduct. Now this is something that Siegelman has been fighting to get for over eight years. This judge seems to think something stinks in this issue and we can’t help but agree. There were just too many jaw dropping incidents that came to light for some of them not to be true. Nothing will erase Governor Don’s time spent in jail, but if it were our name on the line, we would sleep better knowing we were not the bad guy in that exchange.


We saw a quote from a minister – maybe a Texas guy – who was recently told he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Now that is not a good thing to hear, not to anyone. We are in awe at the attitude this man has over this disease . . . he is quoted as having said “God is with me more than grief”. We have a nephew with two small children whose wife is battling a couple of very advanced cancers and for anyone who hasn’t been near such pain, to say anything is with you more than the natural grief of the strongly possible results is powerful.


Churches with official police officers with the same authority as traditional police is another hot topic this week. It is easy to understand the concerns for the Church family when reading of another crackpot shooting up the church or something close by. However we are afraid that even is they somehow get highly trained church members to tote the guns, it is going to cause a major disaster, sooner rather than later. Also if this becomes law, it is only a baby step for some other organization to use the same reasoning and then another on down the line to we are back in the days of the Wild West . . . without Wyatt Earp and his brothers to keep the peace.