Brainstomrs 4/13/2017

Thursday, Apr 20,2017

Former member of the Alabama House of Representatives (Montgomery County) Perry O. Hooper Jr, was very vocal (positive comments) about President Donald Trump’s election. Sent out numerous “news releases” stressing that fact and he also sent out new releases supporting his failed effort to be appointed to the recent vacant U. S. Senate seat and at the same time praising everyone else involved in that horse race.  Now he has come out strongly “commending my friend Robert Bentley for doing what he believes is in the best interest for Alabama”. He also had high praise for new Governor Kay Ivey and pledged his support.” All the hype he puts into praising the above folks in extensive, and regular, news releases had us questioning “WHY?” Then it hit . . . We have a Governor’s race coming up next year, a U. S. Senator’s race coming up next year, etc., and Mr. Hooper wants one or the other . . . maybe either!


As could be expected, starting yesterday we have taken a bit of good-natured ragging about our last week’s comments that there would be no impeachment of Governor Robert Bentley. Well, really there was not – he resigned which we never, ever expected to happen. Of course that completely evades the bad read we had on what was happening, or had happened, in Montgomery. Our focus was only on the fact he had a girlfriend, something that – well is not unheard of around those government offices in Montgomery. Once all the investigative reports started coming out it was too late to take back those words – they will be out there for folks to snicker over forever and forever. That’s OK, it a small price for the opportunity to freely express our opinions.


There is still a lot of simmering bitterness around recent events at the Elba Volunteer Fire Department. Even with the Elba city officials voting to turn it into an agency much like the police department, with the mayor appointing leadership members, apparently some of the firemen are still unhappy. There have always been personalities, and differing opinions, involved but here-to-fore they managed to work things out within the volunteers. We regret that this did not happen this year and now things will never again be the same. One can only guess but you can expect to see differences, good or bad, as people at City Hall, the volunteers themselves and others feel “it isn’t what it once was”. We hope and pray that the high quality of fire protection that Elba citizens have come to expect (and enjoy) does not falter a single bit.


The long-range weather reports indicate that Tuesday’s beautiful weather will prevail through the Easter weekend. That means the Easter Egg Hunts, Easter Sunrise Services and family reunions should come off without having to battle cold and/or rainy weather. That will suit us fine.


We recently marked another milestone on the birthday calendar. After the first couple of hundred it becomes just another day except for a slightly smug feeling of “Great, we are still here and active”. Then when one gets serious thinking about how many good friends who were good people have died, you start pondering just what God has in store for you and/or are you missing His signals of what is expected of you.