Brainstorms 5/4/2017

Ferrin Cox

Thursday, May 04,2017

Oh our heart bleeds for the family of the 14-year old girl killed near Bellingrath school in Montgomery this week. We experienced a brief sigh of relief over the news that an arrest had been made in that case. However just as quickly as we felt that relief, we had a sinking feeling realizing nothing would bring that child back. Then Tuesday afternoon we read a quote from the girl’s mother saying almost exactly the same thing. Our sympathies are not always in sync with those of the family experiencing the loss but this time we were awfully close.

The names of more and more wantabe U S Senators continue to pop up all across Alabama. While we are still waiting to find out exactly what our choices will be in the upcoming race to permanently fill the vacancy left by Jeff Sessions moving to Washington, it is interesting to listen to the words of those who have either thrown their name out there or had friends who did so. Of course it would be an honor for any one of them willing to put in the grueling hours required to do the job right, but some appear to want the position so badly they can almost taste it! Those announcing he or she will not be a candidate have a variety of reasons but those that make our heart warm are the ones who cite their “family obligations”. Years ago we recall urging a man not to seek an office in Washington while his children were growing up. Our thoughts are that none of us have enough time with our children and can never make it up after they are grown. Thus to give up those precious moments we do have for them . . . . well folks it just is not worth it in the overall scheme of things.

What is really frightening about the upcoming Senate race is the stories we are hearing out of Washington D. C. of Republican bigwigs giving ultimatums to other political types of bad things to come if they support or work for anyone else but Luther Strange (the person appointed to the temporary position by then Governor Bentley). Hopefully anyone making such a threat did it in jest.