Brainstorms 5/11/2017

Ferrin Cox

Thursday, May 11,2017

A Shelby County, Alabama woman was arrested last week for first-degree theft by deception for her use of two online GoFundMe fundraising campaigns that identified her as a terminal cancer patient. Law enforcement folks said the claim of ‘terminal cancer patient’ is not true. Somehow we are not surprised at someone getting arrested for running one of these con schemes. The surprise is that there are not dozens more being charged with the same crime. We are always suspicious of a person or group begging for money. Experience should have taught all of us to double check claims of “why” someone is asking for help. It should not be an insult to the person with a real need, just to those running a con operation. Every person caught running a con with one of these funds hurts dozens of our friends and family who really need help. We had a personal experience with one of those accounts fairly recent. The wife of a nephew is very sick with cancer. Someone we had never heard of set up one of those accounts for her benefit. Now we had no doubt that family can use financial help, as well as prayers, but we don’t know the person doing the collecting and didn’t send money to the account. The option there is to send it directly to the family. That way you know it is going to the right person.

Kenneth Boswell is from Elba and was mayor of Enterprise while Mickey Murdock is from Enterprise and is mayor of Elba. It has been something we have tried to harass Boswell about on several occasions but he always had an equally smart answer. Truthfully we suspect he, or any successful politician, would be sensitive to such chatter. Running for election requires a smart politician to work for every vote possible and let’s face it, there are folks on both sides of Coffee County who are very jealous of “them” and anything associated with “them”. It is not nearly as bad as it was thirty years ago, but it still exists and will lift it’s ugly head occasionally.

We salute both Mr. Boswell and new Governor Kay Ivey. We consider each one a friend from way back and hope they will be a friend of Elba and all of Alabama. We have no doubt they each will do their job honorably – something for which Alabama has hungered. If our memory serves us at all, it will be wonderful to hear news of our leaders without it being something from the courthouse.

We have read and listened a little to the debate in Washington this past week about Hillary and her e-mails, the Trump advisor who resigned over “hidden” ties to Russia, etc. Maybe we are not listening closely enough but to us those issues are yesterday. America has at least two-dozen very hot issues that should be actively studied today while we all sit here rehashing political history. Those who enjoy reopening those old wounds might want to add in an occasional discussion over the long ago debunked conspiracy theory over the assignation of President Abe Lincoln.