Brainstorms 5/18/2017

Ferrin Cox

Thursday, May 18,2017

Gosh, another year of school has passed and the children of the community will soon be taking a break from the daily grind. We have some vague memories of those days and frankly the last week or so of our annual schooling was probably not spent thinking about the three “R’s”, at least not as much as our teachers thought it should have been. Even though a large part of our summers was spent in the cotton and/or peanut fields, it was a welcome change from the classroom. Well... it was until we had spent a few days of dawn to dusk in a field with a hoe in our hands, or in August with a drag sack half full of cotton hung over our shoulders, all without a shade or single whiff of a breeze anywhere in sight.

The City of Elba is advertising in an out of town newspaper for a public hearing Monday night on a $4,485,000 bond issue. During city council discussions last week it was repeatedly said there would be a gain of $607,000 for the City. However some $430,000-plus of that is cash from reserves of city money being held by bond folks, thus the extra money is $150,000, more of less, once the dust settles. Aside from getting that money back from the reserve account there appears to be little to gain except the excitement of having some half million dollars to SPEND. Oh, even though payments and terms remain the same, somehow there will $36,000 more cost to the City. Probably, the bond sellers are the folks with the most gain out of this deal.

The deadline is nearing for wantabe U. S. Senators to declare their plans for the upcoming race to fill the slot left open when Jeff Sessions became U. S. Attorney General. Signs are already pointing to some nasty politics before this race is over. There have been reports of threats to potential supporters of opponents of Luther Strange (appointed to the Senate temporarily by then Governor Bentley) and a few days ago we got an e-mail from some outfit telling us how sorry and unqualified one of Luther’s potential opponents is. You can look for more of this as the campaign gets underway. Also, if you want to be one of those candidates for the office, be prepared to get your share of that mud caked on your suit. Oh, you might want to have a big pot of campaign money as well. It will be needed to conduct a respectable race for the top.

Elba police are cracking down on 4-wheelers and golf carts on city streets. It has always been against the law but accepted. Looking at it as a driver, one would sigh a sigh of relief because of the danger of being responsible for the death or terrible injury if your car hit one of these folks. Now look at it as the driver of the illegal road vehicle and try to realize being the person hit while operating that off road vehicle. You would be the one at fault, paying your own bills, be it funeral or hospital.