Legal Notices

Legal Publication Notice - 1019 HICKMAN AVENUE, Elba

Thursday, May 18,2017

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City of Elba, Alabama’s Appropriate Municipal Official, pursuant to Ordinance No. 07252016F, has made a finding that a building located on the following described property is a dangerous building because it is unsafe to the extent that it is a public nuisance and is subject to demolition:
All of Block 12, according to the map of Elba Improvement Company, which is recorded in the Probate office at Elba, Alabama, said Block being in West Elba, together with all improvements thereon, less that certain portion of said Block 12, formerly conveyed by J. Ross Clark and Thelma Clark to Flournoy Whitman, described as follows: Beginning at the southern-most corner of Block No. 12 according to the map of Elba Improvement Company which is recorded in the Office of the Judge of Probate, said point being at or near the point where an alley enters from a Westerly direction into the intersection of Plant Avenue and Hickman Avenue, a distance of approximately 147 feet; thence in a straight line approximately 157 feet in a westerly direction to a point on said above-mentioned alley, which is approximately 260 feet west to the point of beginning,  thence along the north side of the alley in an easterly direction, approximately 260 feet to the point of beginning, same being a part of said Block No. 12 above-mentioned; and less that certain portion of said Block No. 12 formerly conveyed to W. M. Brunson by deed recorded in Deed Book 12-A, Page 222 as follows: One lot of land in West Elba, Alabama facing Hickman Avenue, 50 feet and extending back approximately 50 feet and being better described as follows: to-wit: Beginning at a point on the south margin of Hickman Avenue, which point is on the line between Block 12 and the lot where Hollan Harrison now lives and which point is in line with the south margin of the sidewalk paving in front of the Hollan Harrison home; running from said point along the line between the Hollan Harrison lot and lot 12 for a distance of approximately 50 feet; then at a right angle for a distance of approximately 70 feet to margin of Hickman Avenue; thence along the south margin of Hickman Avenue to the point of beginning. Said lot being a part of Block 12 and being approximately 50 feet wide and 80 feet deep.
ALSO:  Less a 6 foot strip across said lot between the J. D. Hudson homestead lot and the above-described lot.
PARCEL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER: Parcel ID: 11-04-17-2-000-031.000
All persons interested in said property are hereby notified that if the unsafe or dangerous condition is not remedied by demolition of said building on said property within 45 days of May 18, 2017, the demolition will be accomplished by the City and the cost thereof assessed against said property. In the meantime, it is ordered that said building and said property be and remain vacated.
A public hearing as provided for by Section 14-152(a) set forth in Ordinance No. 07252016F will be held on this matter in the Council Chambers at the Elba City Hall, 200 Buford Street, Elba, Alabama, on July 10, 2017, at 5:30 p.m. Anyone interested in the status of these proceedings should inquire with the Elba City Clerk at (334) 897-2333 or at 200 Buford Street, Elba, Alabama.
5-18,25: 6-1,8 chg