Brainstorms 6/1/2017

Ferrin Cox

Thursday, Jun 01,2017

Social media is alive today with the latest developments concerning Taylor Creel Stinson who is fighting for her life in UAB with acute liver failure and other complications. This is another of those things we don’t understand. Great person, 25 years old, the picture of health, etc., and suddenly something happens and everyone we talk with about Taylor ends up hoping (and praying) the medical world can work a miracle. We join  those friends, as well as Tonya and Joe, in their efforts.

The Elba Head Start program is shut down. Executive Director Harriett McFarlin met Tuesday with a group of parents and concerned citizens, but she explained budget cuts are in the federal funding for the next school year and the decision is final. She explained that the Enterprise Head Start would be open to the children who would normally attend the Elba site, but the parents would be responsible for getting them to and from the facility. We left a bunch of upset folks in that Tuesday afternoon meeting and they were venting their anger on . . . well anyone who would listen.

The Memorial Day holiday has passed. For many it was another emotional event. They are the ones who personally know the horrors of war or someone close to them was killed or experienced life-altering damage as the result of war. Oh yes, we take our moments to express gratitude for those who made those sacrifices, but in our book it is not a day of celebration. It is down right insulting that human beings will go around killing each other, be it in a declared war or on the streets of our “civilized” communities all around the world. We have known of some very bright, hard working, clean cut, etc. folks who society lost because of wars or other violent acts that were not of their making. In our wildest imagination we don’t know how much better society would be if those good people had been able to stay around and use their talents and energy to make improvements.

Looking back over proposed bills that were before the state lawmakers this year, we can actually say “Thank You” for a number of things that did pass and also for some that didn’t pass. The most glaring one (in our mind) that didn’t pass was a proposed law that would allow anyone to carry a concealed gun without a permit. Hardly a week passes that we read of someone being killed by a hot head that didn’t leave home to kill someone, but got mad and regardless of the right or wrong of the argument, someone is dead and two families are ruined . . . those of the person killed as well as the family of the person doing the spur-of-the-moment shooting. If everyone could legally carry a concealed weapon, the death rate would undoubtedly zoom upward.