Brainstorms 6/8/2017

Ferrin Cox

Thursday, Jun 08,2017

Regardless of the right or wrong of President Trump’s feelings about the climate change issue, we have a real problem with one person walking into a meeting in Paris and changing the position of the whole United States, just because he wants to do it. . . . be it for shock, to show the world or himself that he can do it, or maybe if it was done because that was one of his political shock statements back during the presidential campaign. We still like (and strongly support) a government “Of the people, By the people, For the people”.

The Alabama House of Representatives districts were redrawn during the recent legislative session and the new lines will be effective with the 2018 elections. The action was the results of a lawsuit successfully contending unfair district line drawing. We have not seen a map of the new districts, which are themselves already in more lawsuits over the same claims of unfairness. However in the hundreds of pages of “Block 10, Block 12” etc., we found some evidence that Coffee County is still in three districts . . . 90, 91 & 92. District 90 is Butler, Crenshaw and part of Coffee as before. 91 is just Coffee County while 92 is mostly Covington County but apparently still has part of Coffee. Since our computer knowledge didn’t turn up a map, we are planning to admit our shortcomings and ask someone if there are actually any maps yet prepared. It is a bit humbling to admit we need a color-coded map to understand Track numbers, Block numbers and such information in the 585 pages of the redistricting bill. If that is all the lawmakers had, we salute them for knowing the difference in Block 11 on one page and Block 11 on hundreds of other pages! If any of our readers would like to read those Block numbers, the bill is officially named 2017-348 (H-571 as it was being discussed).

The redistricting of the Senate (District 31) includes Coffee County, Covington County, and parts of Pike County and Dale County. The final Senate bill is shorter than the House redistricting bill, but is still several hundred pages long. Again, it was impossible for our brain to figure out if all of Coffee was still in one district so we will wait for the simpler visual color-coded map . . . . or just break down and ask Senator Holley. Well we called him just now and should have done that at first! Anyway, Holley’s district is basically the same with a few Dale County voters switched around.

Oh and our Senator promised to help get us one of those color-coded maps.