Brainstorms 7/13/2017

Ferrin Cox

Thursday, Jul 13,2017

“Under Trump, U.S. is Again Leading the Free World, again standing up for its friends and interests and beginning to reclaim America’s role as leader of the Free World” or “President Trump and his enablers are weakening U.S. leadership around the world in an unprecedented fashion. Is he doing if out of incompetence, inherent malice, or both.” Opinion articles supporting each of these thoughts arrived in our e-mail box on the same day, an example of just how divided Americans are on national politics. A day or so later we saw the results of someone’s political poll indicating that avid Trump supporters were still hanging in but not with the gusto they had right after the election. Odds are we missed another political poll supporting an increase in the enthusiasm of Trump supporters. Enough said about the reliability of political polls.

The Obama cell phone program is flush with fraud/abuse according to a recent study. The Federal Communications Commission’s  (FCC) Lifeline program for low-income Americans’ cell phones reportedly cost $1.5 billion in 2016 for hundreds of thousands to deceased and unverified subscribers. The study found 6,000 people on the list that have been dead over a year (costing $707,958 a year); and 5,500 duplicate subscribers (costing $612,000 a year). Then there was the 1.2 million (or 36% of the total) that the study could not confirm their eligibility (of the group they reviewed).  Study concluded phone companies “cash a government check every month with little more than the honor system”  . . . . Take that tax payers!

New Alabama Senate and House of Representative voting district maps are now in our office . . . We must thank Senator Jimmy Holley and his Montgomery office staff for stepping up and helping us with this issue. Not much has changed in respect to the local districts except Holley swapping a few voters on the fringe of his district for voters from the fringe of another district. But then the original lawsuit blamed unfair districts in other parts of the state, and not around here. The changes made in the respective redistricting were caused by the need to adjust other districts to suit the federal judge. Of course this new plan has already got a federal lawsuit filed against it. The suit may be valid but our first reaction was that the new plan didn’t just automatically elect (or defeat) some politician, or political party, so they just hit the federal courts with complaints – with nothing to loose and maybe a lot to gain.

U. S. House of Representative Mo Brooks of Huntsville is one of ten running for the Republican nomination to the U. S. Senate in the August special election. He has been gradually moving up in the polls. In fact he has now attracted the attack dogs from some direction. This bad mouthing comes because Brooks received, and accepted, the endorsement of an anti-Trump Super Pac. Now it is no secret that Brooks has opposed some Trump proposals so we wonder, “Why the shock expressed by the attack dogs?” Probably just supporters of someone else using “shock and dismay” in their effort to build an anti-Brooks movement (read that as Luther Strange fans). Now we admit to having had differences of opinion with Mo Brooks from way back to his County Commission days, but glad our grocery money does not have to come from writing such negative garbage on one candidate to build up another.