Brainstorms 7/20/2017

Ferrin Cox

Thursday, Jul 20,2017

It should be considered an act of respect when the U. S. Senate (or any group) postpones an action because one member is in surgery. However, the Senate leadership had a less noble motive last week in postponing action on the explosive bill to change ObamaCare. They needed Republican John McCain’s vote to even get the bill on the Senate floor for debate. However it was a noble but fruitless effort, as additional Republican lawmakers announced a lack of support for the proposal, making a positive majority vote impossible, thus the newest version of a revised health bill failed before ever getting to the floor for debate.

Former Governor Robert Bentley has recently noted publicly that he was the best governor Alabama has ever had . . . well maybe the best of recent times. That is quite a contrast to what many Alabamians think, but we have no problem with the doctor feeling good about himself but suggest he stay with his medical specialty and leave the politics to others.

The negative public perception of Bentley as Governor contrasts greatly with the recently released public opinion numbers on new Governor Kay Ivey. She has positive support numbers of somewhere around 75% . . . unusually high for any politician in today’s world. It should be noted that in Bentley’s announcement that he was the best governor, his additional comments indicated he is not in the 75% pleased with Ivey’s actions as governor.

You may again get the opportunity real soon to take your children, grandchildren (or just yourself) on a rail trip from New Orleans, LA to Orlando, FL. The Southern Rail Commission study on the proposal was officially presented to Congress Monday. The study, working through the Federal Railroad Administration, supports those advocates who are promoting the restoration of Gulf Coast passenger rail service. Now someone has got to come up with the $117 million to gear up with equipment and successfully promote the project. We assume such a plan will have the trains again picking up and dropping off passengers just South of the Alabama line in Chipley. Better not try to book a trip this summer but next year . . . . . who knows.