Brainstorms 7/27/2017

Ferrin Cox

Thursday, Jul 27,2017

Alabama, and the whole nation, are experiencing some hot, hot weather this month. A great way, well not so great way, to fully understand the impact of that heat is to start out of town on Friday afternoon and realize that the a/c on your vehicle is not working. Your only help is the fan circulating that hot air back in your face. All the above happened to us last Friday. Of course we grew up without air conditioning in vehicles. We hung our left elbow out the window and hurried to get moving and open the side vents for relief. Well side vents no longer open. Also there are only two side windows that will open, therefore we spent a hot afternoon on the road, but survived. Needless to say that van was parked at the repair shop bright and early Monday morning. Hopefully it was a fuse/circuit breaker or something else minor, but by noon Tuesday we still do not have the van back and are now plotting to figure out just where we can float a loan to pay the repair bill.

The politics are not getting any nicer in the U. S. Senate race that Alabama voters will begin deciding on August 15th when the Democrat and Republican parties hold their first primary. The Democrats are extremely quiet, thus we have no one to be mad with in their race. However the Republicans have stepped up and filled that void with their party infighting and mud slinging.  Surprisingly Former Judge Roy Moore is not in the middle of this fight. He is sitting back quietly, making a few political appearances. This past weekend we saw a quote from him explaining that two candidates, Big Luther Strange and Mo Brooks are slugging it out for second place, and a chance to meet him in the September runoff. In other words, Moore indicates he is in the lead and everyone else is fighting for second place. While it is true there have been no “official” voter polls released, there have been several political types who hinted at positive numbers for one candidate or another. If Moore truly has a hard core 35% support, that will surely put him in the runoff, especially on a ballot with ten Republican candidates vying for the nomination. The question for the Republican front runner becomes, “Which of the nine other candidates will be in the September 26th run-off  with him?”

After the above fight plays out by the end of September, we will only then have our candidate from each of the Democrat and Republican parties to face off in November to ultimately serve a bit over a year of the original Jeff Sessions six-year term. There will still be no rest for our ears as the winner will have to crank up a campaign for a full six-year term. He will be sharing fund raising with a bushel of statewide candidates for other offices, beginning with the Governor and other statewide elective offices, along with all State Senators and Representatives. You can add all of Alabama’s U. S. Representatives to that mix. Only our friend Senior Senator Richard Shelby will be watching from the sidelines as these elections unfold.

There is a lot of chatter in the traditional news scores and on social media about involvement by the Russians in American politics. What was or was not said in any of those “casual” meetings we will probably never know. Neither can we say for certain if the Trump folks sought or even wanted help from the Russians in the recent presidential election. However, it is almost impossible to accept any idea that the Russians themselves were just excited to be having small talk with a group of American politicians. Meanwhile life goes on, and Americans continue to exercise their rights and vocally support their chosen side.