Brainstorms 8/3/2017

Ferrin Cox

Thursday, Aug 03,2017

You can like Donald Trump or detest him but you can never say his actions are not entertaining. News outlets, including our beloved print media, the TV, radio and Internet are locked onto everything happening with President Trump. This is because the numbers show that the American public continues to be glued to any shred of “news” of what the he has done lately. Trump developed that game plan over the years to promote himself, used it skillfully to win the highest office in the land and good or bad continues on the same game plan after reaching the top. We don’t think America will continue to be mesmerized for four years of what has been happening the last six months but just a year ago we didn’t dream he could be elected dog catcher. Another personal opinion that was proven to be bad, bad wrong.

Alabama voters will go to the polls in a couple of weeks (August 15) to select a U. S. Senator. This will be a “short timer” as it is to complete the time left on the Jeff Sessions term. When Sessions was named as the U. S. Attorney General then Governor Robert Bentley appointed Luther Strange to the vacated slot. The law is that the voters make the replacement so Governor Kay Ivey set this election, much to the distress of avid supporters of Strange. Regardless of who wins this 2017 election, be it Strange himself or any of the basketful of others vying for the position, there will be no time to sit back with feet propped on the desk because it is a very short term and voters will be casting ballots for the full six year term in 2018. Another guess from this corner is that the ultimate winner will be Strange, Representative Mo Brooks or former Judge Roy Moore (all Republicans). Brooks and Moore were face-to-face in a political debate recently and things were very civil between the two candidates. This is in contrast to what is going on with the Luther Strange camp. It is mud slinging at it’s best (or worst), especially between Strange and Brooks. As we have said previously, this indicates that each of them considers the other to be “the person to beat”.

America’s children are returning to school, within the next few days if they are not already there. The times they are changing – during our years as a student of the public schools this was cotton-picking time in rural Alabama. Now there are far fewer families on the farm and those who remain will pick the cotton with a massive machine. During those early years of our life, a teenager who was not working on the farm took advantage of the extra time to work a summer job at some business, getting some great “spending money”. There are fewer and fewer of those jobs available and teenagers are showing less interest, content to spend hours and hours with computer games and/or social media. Oh, we are not blaming the teenagers as we could very well have done the same, in today’s atmosphere. The life and experiences that fill up our memory bank are cherished but it is not something we “wish we could live over again”. The air conditioning, nice cars, TV, computers, cell phones, all fit nicely into our life. We hope the younger generation survives without the “sweat ethics” that formed the personalities of earlier generations.