Brainstorms 8/10/2017

Ferrin Cox

Thursday, Aug 10,2017

Alabama voters have a Primary Election next Tuesday, August 15th. We don’t know of a single one of the double handful of candidates visiting Elba. Does this mean they don’t want, nor need votes from Elba folks? Oh no, it is just that politicking has changed and they can reach more folks with TV and/or social media. Also with so many candidates in the race, both Democrats and Republicans, it is hard to raise enough money to launch a blanket campaign into every branchhead and hollow in this great state of Alabama. Thus our personal exposure to the candidates has been a few (very few) TV ads and regular e-mails, mostly from Super-Pacs from outside Alabama promoting one of three or four candidates, almost all on the Republican side and probably best described as the ‘professional politicians’, while the Democrat money guys are apparently waiting for the runoff or general election to go all out for a win and place their bets on the last Democrat left standing.

The voter turn out is predicted to be very low, so instead of your vote being one of many million, it could be one of thousands.  Maybe that will give some voters more confidence that their vote does actually count. Here is another tidbit that might prod disinterested, or slightly interested, voters to take time out to vote – a recent poll (on the Republican side) shows former Judge Roy Moore leading the pack ahead of Mo Brooks and incumbent Luther Strange. That means either Mo or Big Luther would be in a run-off with Moore to be the Republican nominee in the General Election. The other candidates in that race are constituently showing single digit polling numbers. Having quoted all the above, we look back and are rudely reminded just how little faith we place in political polls. That ‘lack of faith’ was enforced by deeper reading and discovering the poll covered 500 voters who are traditionally supportive of Moore.

It is Tuesday afternoon and the “news alert” noise on both the iPhone and iPad notified us that the Associated Press was reporting on the latest statement from President Trump. We felt a rush of tension go over our whole body as we read his threat (or promise) about what will happen if North Korea continues to make threats - “they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.” This occurred during a briefing on opioid addiction. We kinda wish he will stick to the drug addiction issue. Either that or quickly pass a law that politicians who start wars must personally get involved in fighting them.

A solar eclipse will be visible in most of the U. S. on Aug 21st. Many states will see a full eclipse while Alabama will get a partial darkening of the sun. We know it is the moon passing directly in front of the sun but there is evidence that earlier humans believed bad things from a long list of bad omens – mostly that the gods were mad. That often meant someone’s life, often a young maiden, would be sacrificed to appease those gods.