Brainstorms 8/17/2017

Ferrin Cox

Thursday, Aug 17,2017

Some computer guru playing with Photoshop posted on the Internet a photo of President Donald Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un side by side. The catch was the prankster had swapped the unique hairdo's of each man onto the others head. That looked a bit weird - and scary. We didn't read the accompanying copy but are confident it followed a budding theme of calling each of them loose cannons, nut cases or any of several other of the not so flattering descriptions being bounced around social media and often slipping into traditional media as well. On the positive side, deeper thinking, more learned heads are beginning to speak up in strong support for a more civil political atmosphere "for the good of America - and the world". We find ourself agreeing with their thinking. We made no secret of not voting for Donald Trump but he is America's leader and not the first person elected President without our vote. Yet America has survived and we predict it will continue for the foreseeable future. Of course several impulsive national leaders with a batch of atomic weapons could play havoc with the world as we know it.

Until last week we had not heard any noise from Elba native and author Robert (Bob to home folks) Inman. We find he has been busy overseeing (for the fourth year straight) a stage play about a Revolutionary War battle and is in the beginning stages of a new novel. No title yet and his reading fans will have to wait a while on the story line. Apparently it is bad luck for a storywriter to reveal such secrets too early. Well maybe it is because as their creative minds whirl the book(s) may take on a whole new plot and/or solution.

We expect our children to bury us but all too often parents must bear that cross. Several weeks ago we joined a sister as they buried her young daughter-in-law after a valiant battle with cancer. This week it was Heddy's sister burying an adult son who died during emergency heart surgery. Somehow each family will survive their losses, but there will always be that blank spot in the lives of living loved ones. None of us understands these things, but they exist and we make it through the sadness. Our friends and relatives will hurt but they too shall somehow move on with life.