Brainstorms 8/31/2017

Ferrin Cox

Thursday, Aug 31,2017

The professional polling folks are already making phone calls trying to predict the outcome of the Luther Strange/Roy Moore Republican run-off race for the U S Senate seat. Strange has held that seat for the last several months after being appointed by now discredited former Alabama Governor Robert Bentley. As of last Thursday morning the results of a poll by Senate Leadership Fund (a Washington D.C. connected Super Pac) show Moore leading the race by only four (4) percentage points or 45% to 41%. This shows the lead is shrinking from earlier polls that showed at least an eight (8) point spread between the two candidates. During the first primary Moore lead Strange in votes by six percentage points in a ten-man race. Now to keep the playing field clear, readers must remember that this political Pac is supporting Luther Strange – with big bucks. The winner of the Republican run-off will face Democratic nominee Doug Jones in the General Election. This special election is to fill the unexpired term of former long time Senator Jeff Sessions who resigned earlier to accept an appointment as U. S. Attorney General.

There is talk in Montgomery that Alabama Senator Jimmy Holley will chair the Rules Committee beginning in the next legislative session. A veteran legislator, he has paid his dues in the Legislature, served on and/or chaired a number of committees while earning a reputation for knowing and operating by the rules. He first earned that reputation while serving in the House of Representatives and soon after moving to the State Senate, reestablished himself as one of the go-to persons on legislative rules. This would probably be an unprecedented situation to have the House chair of Rules and the Senate chair of Rules in the same legislative district. The House chair of Rules is Representative Mike Jones from Andalusia and thus in Holley’s Senate district.

The Alabama House of Representatives district that includes most of Coffee County is one that will be vacant and up for grabs in next year’s election. State Representative Barry Moore of Enterprise has announced his plans to challenge U. S. Representative Martha Roby for her District 2 position in Washington. Each of them is a Republican and it should be an interesting race. This SE Alabama district that stretches from Montgomery Eastward to the Georgia line and South to the Florida line has backed the incumbent since at least the early 60’s until that person decided to retire – with one exception - but American politics are not following traditions these days – the voters are doing anything but following tradition.

Watching the tragic events in Texas Sunday became more than we wanted to see. Flashbacks from our Elba floods began to take over the brain so we stopped watching TV news for the rest of the day. It wasn’t for any reason than our personal experience emotions were stronger than any ability to wipe away their ever growning problems.