Brainstorms 9/7/2017

Ferrin Cox

Wednesday, Sep 06,2017

We must report on having a great Labor Day weekend. Siblings, children, grandchildren, etc., all gathered into two large rentals on the lakefront and enjoyed the fellowship, boating (and eating). This is somewhat a tradition in our family but has not happened in some three years. Life is so busy for each of us so as always there were some nieces and nephews who didn’t make it – as well as a couple of siblings - but the gaggle who did attend left with warm feelings in their hearts and fond memories in their brains – feelings and memories that will last a lifetime. We even had one evening when the teenagers were in charge of the cooking and it was a Mexican themed meal. We should add it was a great Mexican themed meal.

Heddy and yours truly each got to attend our childhood home church Sunday for the first time in many, many years. The scary thing for me was that there were only four people in the building that we knew and one of those we were not quite sure of until she started talking. The other three were relatives. Anyway there was not a soul on the front row – the row our widowed mother sat with her four very young children – and daring any one of us to make any noise, etc. Her reaction to any infraction was swift and painful. There are probably still a couple of faint bruises on our left shoulder (right at the base of the neck) left as punishment for our squirming as the sermon got to interfering with the thoughts of exciting plans for the afternoon. I noted ‘left shoulder’ because her order of worship had yours truly and one sister on the right side of her and the two smaller sisters on the other side. That was to help her maintain total control, explaining she didn’t want us embarrassing her in front of the whole church. Once when she was explaining that reasoning we suggested just moving to the back of the church. That was a bad suggestion at the worse time possible.

Now that the Labor Day partying is over, our daughter Michele is in Texas helping two flooded newspapers make their publishing deadlines (The Port Arthur and Orange newspapers are part of the Boone chain as is Michele). The last we heard Monday, they had not even been able to get near the printing plant to see if it was usable. Michele knows the drill, having helped us with The Elba Clipper after the flooding in both 1990 and 1998. Each and every staff member of the Texas newspapers was severely impacted by the flooding – homes and cars destroyed or badly damaged. This support from sister newspapers will allow the Texas folks time to concentrate on their families and recovery from the flooding.

While our neighbors in Texas and Louisiana are still digging out from their massive, record setting storm and flooding, another monster is crossing the Atlantic and apparently headed right at the US. While no one can say positively the exact path this hurricane will take, it is headed right down the path to hit the US somewhere. In fact at press time Tuesday it is almost a given that Florida will feel the impact of this latest storm – at least to some degree. Hopefully it will be minor and the storm will bounce back into the Atlantic and play out as it moves northward and into the cooler waters.