Brainstorms 9/14/2017

Ferrin Cox

Thursday, Sep 14,2017

It was refreshing to witness President Donald Trump acting . . . well presidential Monday during the memorial services for the victims of 9/11. His posture nor his words should have embarrassed anyone, in fact we can look back at the events and be proud of him, the person singing the national anthem and the others who addressed those paying respect to the thousands who lost their life that day.

The sun is again shining in Elba and local folks should be thankful there was little damage in this area, certainly nothing big enough to even mention around our neighbors from South Florida. Frankly we became a bit edgy as the hurricane was moving northward and sliding westward with every weather report. Just a little more wobble to the West and that monster would have shot unstoppable right up into the northern Gulf and into our laps, unimpeded by anything nor anyone. We got our daughter back safely from helping those two flooded newspapers in Texas but Monday afternoon got a text message that our youngest son was enroute to Miami, Florida to assist with their massive recovery. Don’t know what damage they found there, as we have not heard from him since just as he was leaving home.

Last week as all eyes were glued on the news with fear that the storm would actually hit us full blast. Elba crews were out in force ensuring we would be as ready as possible to deal with the massive wind and water damage. We always check to be sure they have not forgotten to inspect the levee pumps, flood gates, sand bags, reserve (dry) sand, etc. That should not be something we worry about because every time we check, they are two jumps ahead of us and all is well. Lots of things can go wrong with any system. Case in point is the floodgate track across U S 84 at the Pea River Bridge. A number of times city crews have had to re-weld a section of the track where heavy traffic has cracked it to the point it will not allow the gates to properly close. However once they put their magic to work, all is well and ready for high water. Each of us can sleep well at night knowing all this is done routinely.