Brainstorms 9/21/2017

Ferrin Cox

Thursday, Sep 21,2017

Equifax is under pressure from Congress and 32 Attorneys General, who are calling for free credit monitoring and reimbursement of fees for account security freeze as a result of a massive date breach. This week there are claims that the firm knew of another security breach in March of this year, months before publicly admitting an issue existed within their computer systems. That will compound their problems and probably cause someone to be fired. While firings will not solve the existing problems consumers may have, it would be an effort to give the company a bit of “face saving”. We don’t call Equifax and give them all our personal information, someone else does that, but it is the individuals who will ultimately pay the price for the massive hacking issue.

Not a single living human remains on the Caribbean Island of Barbuda following damage from Hurricane Irma.  Described as “paradise” the storm destroyed the island. Pictures show a scene that reminds us of pictures from Japan following the WWII atomic bombs. It is the first time the island has been empty of humans since man arrived on the island over 300 years ago. Last week they all wisely left just before the storm and now there are no homes to return to, no water to drink, etc. There is a government promise to help them rebuild, but we wonder just how many will actually go back to the small (former paradise) island.

Hurricane Maria is raising havoc across some of the same areas heavily damaged by Irma a couple of weeks ago.  Is it global warming or just a rare occurrence that big storms hit the world back-to-back? That question will elevate enough blood pressures to keep a heated debate going for weeks, if not months.

The Elba Clipper has been working for months with an internet firm to upgrade and expand our so-so website. It is taking far longer than the sales rep indicated it would take. However we are getting closer and last week actually saw a working draft of what it will look like to our followers. Right on top of that Editor Linda Hodge set us up an Elba Clipper Facebook page – we think. Our personal effort to join the madhouse called social media has met with less than roaring success, but stay tuned as we continue the struggle to be part of today’s world. Oh, even an effort to establish a personal Facebook “page” has yet to be classified as a success – we click here and click there with random (rare) success. That can be very embarrassing, knowing that small children, teenagers, etc., breeze through this stuff as easy as we chew gum.

This week we read of a professional truck driver who was being honored for four (4) million accident free miles. Now this is truly a professional driver but also one that has been lucky. We all know accidents are often caused by someone else, and there is little or nothing the person on the receiving end can do to prevent the wreck. Every driver can be very alert and continuously cautious, thus often anticipating something is going wrong and avoid the potential collision. We hope our readers are the alert ones who prevent the wreck and the accompanying injuries.