Brainstorms 9/28/17

Ferrin Cox

Thursday, Sep 28,2017

The national news headlines are all about “ObamaCare”. Someone is either advocating a massive makeover, complete elimination or . . . whatever. Only occasionally are we seeing news reports about the soon to expire Children’s Health Insurance Program, or “CHIP which is set to expire on September 30th. That is Saturday of this week. Monday we did get a news release about the Medical Association of Alabama and a bunch of other groups pushing Congress for fast action on a five-year extension on the program. If someone is just now beginning a push for a bill, they are a bit late – the U. S. Congress doesn’t move that fast. They need time to research, feel out the mood of the voters back home and then write and read a few speeches in front of the TV cameras.

Equifax CEO “steps down” following the recent news of a major data breach that exposed millions of American citizens and their credit information to identify thief. We predicted last week that heads would roll over this mess, but didn’t expect the main man to be one of the first to go. He makes three rollers and shakers who have lost their jobs over this matter. Probably the company folks who will be hit the hardest were some who sold their company stock (millions of dollars) just before the data hack was announced to the public and the company stock took a drastic drop in value.