Brainstorms 10/5/2017

Ferrin Cox

Thursday, Oct 05,2017

Well the expiring of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) that we predicted in this column recently has come to pass. Congress let the program expire last week without even taking a vote. We doubt that will hold up, as the pressure is now mounting from groups of “Moms” and we should never underestimate the power of a group of women once they get organized behind a single “good” project. We can expect pictures and stories of children who are alive today because of this federally funded insurance program. That will energize more “Moms”, dads, brothers and sisters to such an extent that the Washington bunch will pass something if for no other reason than to be able to safely travel back to their home districts.

A person would have to be on la-la-land not to be aware of the massive killing spree last weekend in Las Vegas, NV. Don’t look to us for any explanation of WHY anyone would plan and execute such a morbid act. We kinda agree with a former FBI profiler being interviewed on one of the many news programs talking about this event and the guy who carried it out. He opined that the guy was not insane in the medical definition of insanity but said something to the effect, “yes, anyone that would do such a thing has to be a crazy.” Here was a man who was apparently a financial success, traveled the world at will, enjoyed playing high stakes poker and was an avid gun collector (the numbers vary, but the neighborhood of 30 to 40 – all apparently legal is a fairly close guess) had an attractive girl friend, the list goes on and on but this clearly was not enough to satisfy him. Right now we suspect that the experts in finding people with these tendencies are scratching their heads for some way to catch guys like this before they become the headlines in all the news outlets.

By the time most of our readers are reading these impulsive words, the Elba City School Board will be well along with interviewing the six recommended candidates for the Superintendent’s job. They talked with the first three candidates yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) and the other three are scheduled for next Wednesday afternoon. If all goes as planned, the five school board members will meet Thursday evening, October 12th, to discuss the pro and cons of each candidate and vote on their individual favorite. Assuming they get a three vote positive vote for a man or woman, you can assume we will have a new Superintendent at work within some 30 days or less. All these meetings are, by law, open to the public. Citizens can attend the entire interview sessions, listen to the board discussions on Thursday evening and observe the voting process. Voicing opinions of the process or of any of the candidates during these formal meetings is not proper unless recognized by the Board and being given permission to express opinions. Doing so without permission can get you frowned at, scolded or if it continues, ejected from the room by the local police officer covering the meeting.